Since I was a little girl, I have always preferred the pen to the voice. The quiet, contemplative nature of the writing process steadies and grounds me. It is where my voice speaks the clearest. 


I love a story. Being read one, or better  yet, sitting across a table over shared food and drink, listening to someone share one from the treasure of their life. Stories have the power to make you feel less alone, and I will always offer a listening ear because it holds the hope of letting my own hidden places be remembered, the mutual connection of “I feel that too.”


If it means anything to you, I’m a 5w6 on the Enneagram. In other words, I am constantly aware of the vastness of what I do not know and am grieved that I will never know all there is in my lifetime. 

Wife + Mother

My husband and I have been married four years and it has been so much richer, joyful, and fun than I truly ever thought possible. I have been a mother for three years now. Parenting (and reparenting myself) in the midst of rapid personal growth and change is no small task, but in doing so, I have been changing generational patterns in hopes of providing a safer, more whole, and healing environment for my child. 

Woman of Color

I am an Indian woman. I am a transracial adoptee – I was born in India, but was adopted as a baby and raised by white parents. Sorting through the colonized narratives surrounding adoption and race has been key to understanding the United States, Christian nationalism, and my place as a minority in America. I firmly believe antiracism is for everyone and liberation will not come from catering to the dominant culture and hierarchies.

Post-Evangelical Christian

I deconstructed (and still am, in many ways) my evangelical upbringing and have firmly shut the door on ever returning there again. But the beauty of Jesus and His teachings keeps me in a state of wonder and hope that Heaven is in the here and now.